‘How circles of impact create future proof employees and leaders the world needs.’

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Rowan Hordijk as representative of Circles of Future Skills talked about this topic during Latin-America’s first online Business Anthropology event: the Flipa Summit 2020.  The audience existed out of UX, Design and Corporate Anthropologists, next to other business leaders from around the globe. The organizer of the summit was Flipa, a Colombian anthropology consultancy firm and the event was sponsored by the Universidad del Rosario and IXDA Bogotá.    

Designing possible futures for the business realm

The objective of the summit. Wondering how? By bringing together 15 anthropologists from; Argentina, Australia, Colombia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. A range of speakers with a similar background, but active in different roles doing different work. Brought together to tell about their view on possible future business scenarios.

Besides the compelling stories they had to tell, also their diverse professional backgrounds positively surprised us. Here a brief overview how some of them presented themselves:

  • Researcher Consultant, promoting ethnographic thinking in businesses
  • Design Thinking specialist, creating user centric business models
  • Cultural Analyst, analysing the topic of technology non-use (e.g. around smartphones)

Demonstrating the future jobs that are out there, inside and outside of the Netherlands and Europe.

Circles of Impact in the future of work

In our talk the key message was that we can create businesses as a force for good. This by bringing #morehumaninterest to the work floor. Meaning creating a work environment without burn-outs, bore-outs and bullshit jobs. In contrary. Our believe is that this is possible by bringing the interest of the organization in line with that of the people working inside that environment.

Our solution: use Impact Circles, the learning-on-the-job model. To show character, train future skills and deliver your purpose, both as organization and as individual.

An Impact Circle: the learning-on-the-job model

In brief, an Impact Circle is about delivering concrete results on an organizational project, while simultaneously developing the skills of its project members i.e. employees. Skills needed to tackle the next organizational challenge, but also necessary to close the skills-gap and actually put in practice the life-long-learning mission of societies.

Our believe is that this on-the-job learning creates the energy and intrinsic motivation of people to actually achieve the challenges we currently face in society and business. To mention a few: the digital transformation, climate change, reorganizations and job losses due to COVID-19 or pressure on becoming more sustainable. Topics relevant to the board room agenda.

Through an Impact Circle way of working we create a win-win-win. For the individual, the organization, and society.

Created by: Maluco Bureau

Our 3 take-aways of the Flipa Summit 2020

  1. There is a large international community of forward thinking people who actually want to create a brighter future for businesses.
  2. Anthropologists are active in a variety of roles and have a set of future skills useful in different industries, such as; the Tech-industry (e.g. Google and Spotify), aviation, media (e.g. radio and television) and the music industry.
  3. The importance of certain topics in the future of work discourse outside of the Netherlands and Europe, such as: the search of a meaningful job, thinking about future skills and combining work with solving 21st century challenges.

Circles of Future Skills is on a #morehumaninterest mission and wants to realize a (r)evolution for work and workers. We do this by providing people with future-oriented skills linking to their own purpose and talents, and combine this with concrete project results and innovation. Realizing value for both the individual as the organization.

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